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backlinks - Ahrefs API.
Most recent date when the Ahrefs crawler was able to visit the backlink. Second to the most recent date when the Ahrefs crawler was able to visit the backlink. Indicates whether the backlink was present on the referring page when the Ahrefs crawler first visited it.
Meilleurs outils de référencement pour le commerce électronique: SemRush vs Ahrefs vs SpyFu vs Majestic vs Moz - Plateformes de commerce électronique.
Cependant, les mots-clés évoquent une histoire différente. Bien que Majestic se concentre davantage sur les sujets tendances, cela offre une occasion unique de se démarquer auprès de vos concurrents. Avec le score de spam, le texte d'ancrage' de lien et l'URL' d'un' backlink, le graphique fourni par Moz semble raisonnable pour comprendre combien de travail vous devez accomplir pour attraper vos concurrents.
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Le smiley jaune représente le site internet ayant le plus grand nombre de backlinks. Un lien retour aussi appelé lien entrant ou lien arrivant; en anglais, inbound link, inlink ou backlink est un hyperlien pointant vers un site ou une page Web. La qualité du lien retour et le nombre de liens retour pointant vers un site ou une page fournissent une indication de la réputation de ce site ou de cette page. Plus précisément, un lien retour correspond à n'importe' quel lien reçu par un nœud du Web page Web, annuaire, site Internet, ou Domaine de premier niveau depuis un autre nœud du Web 1. Les liens retour ont des valeurs différentes pour les moteurs de recherche, en fonction du Pagerank de la page web sur laquelle ils sont publiés.
What is a Backlink? How to Get More Backlinks.
So while anchor text does matter, its not as important as other things. If youre building backlinks through outreach, you wont usually have much control over the anchor text used when linking to your site. Thats a good thing. It helps keep things natural and is also a sign that the link youve acquired is of a certain quality. How to check backlinks. There are two ways to check a website or web pages backlinks. The first method only works for sites that you own. Use the second to check backlinks to another website or web page. Checking backlinks in Google Search Console. Google Search Console gives you data about your websites organic search traffic and overall performance. Its free to use-just sign up for a free account and verify ownership of your website. Once signed in, click Links on the sidebar. The number below External links shows the total number of unique backlinks to the website. Below this are three reports. Top linked pages: The most linked pages on your website. Top linking sites: The sites with the most backlinks to your website.
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Ahrefs: Le Guide Ultime 2022.
Glen, non je pense sincèrement que Majestic est un peu à la rue par rapport à Ahrefs à ce niveau là. Julie Huet de Froberville 7 avril 2020 à 14 h 22 min Répondre. Une nuit entière à reprendre le guide Ahref sur un cas concret!
Ahrefs vs Moz vs Monitor Backlinks: Which Backlink Tool Will Rule Them All?
Monitor Backlinks Blog. Christopher Benitez in SEO June 25, 2019. Ahrefs vs Moz vs Monitor Backlinks: Which Backlink Tool Will Rule Them All? The ultimate fight is finally upon us. Its time to see which backlink tool reigns supreme in a no-holds-barred, winner-takes-all, triple-threat match.: Ahrefs vs Moz vs Monitor Backlinks. Who will walk away with the Link Building Federation Championship? Ill tackle each tool and asses which one performs best in these three categories.: Checking link profile. Link building competitive analysis.
Ahrefs Review: Is This SEO Tool Worth The Money?
Backlink Profile: The Ahrefs Backlink Checker. This feature shows you a sites complete backlink profile.: On the surface, this backlink report is the same as most other backlink checkers out there like SEMrush and Moz Pro. Like those other tools, you put in a URL.
Ahrefs Review Tutorial 2022.
Itll make you back the money - and more - within weeks if you actually act on the information you receive. Hey I'm' Gael, one of the guys behind Authority Hacker. I make a living working from my laptop in various places in the world and I will use this website to teach you how you could do the same. Surfer SEO Review 2022. 10 Ahrefs Alternatives In 2022 Free Paid Options. 11 Best Semrush Alternatives in 2022 Free Paid Tools. See all posts. Ready To Start. Now it is your turn to get started building your own Authority Website.
How to Use Ahrefs for Content SEO: Beginner's' Guide.
It has three additional reports: a New, b Lost, and c Broken-all of them important for analyzing your websites backlink profile. 2 Referring Domains. Similar to Backlinks, this report shows you the domains pointing back to your target domain, subdomain, folder or URL. Keep in mind that a domain can link back to your website multiple times. We find this report to be more important than Backlinks, as it counts unique links from different domains. This report shows you the anchors anchor texts used from websites that link back to your website. This can help you identify possible spam anchor texts among the ones used to link back to your website or identify patterns based on your anchor text profile. 4 Referring IPs. According to Ahrefs, this report groups all referring pages and domains by the IP address of each website and by the subnet that this IP belongs to. In essence, it helps you identify patterns among the IPs of the websites linking back to your or another website. This could help you uncover possible black-hat tactics PBNs used for link building for competitor websites.
Most SEOs Prefer Using Ahrefs to Monitor Competitor Backlinks POLL.
Check out this list of articles from our SEJ contributors and learn more about competitive link analysis.: Competitive Link Analysis: How to Audit Your Competitors Link Presence. Using Competitor Research for Your Content Ideation. 3 Ways to Quickly Compare Your Website with Your Competitors. I Win, You Lose: Outsmart Your Competitors with a Better Backlink Audit. The Many Uses of Backlink Analysis. Have Your Say. Whats your favorite tool for monitoring competitor backlinks? Tag us on social media and have your say in the next survey by checking out the hashtag SEJSurveySays on Twitter for future polls and data.
Which Backlink Checker is Most Accurate? 2022 Case Study: The Upper Ranks.
Every backlink checker featured in this article is solid and does a good job discovering backlinks and generating reports. This study investigated Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, and SEMRush. We found them to all be reliable, but Ahrefs had the lowest error rate when it came to accuracy and dead links. How will a backlink checker help me improve my SEO and content marketing? A backlink checker can show you all of your incoming links. This is helpful in seeking out new links you can see which sites, and which types of sites, are likely to link to you, help you find repeatable patterns, and even help you find bad or spammy links you may want to disavow. A backlink checker can also help you find your competitors links. This can help you in a multitude of ways- you can try to get some of those links yourself, and you can also make more informed decisions about how many links and which kinds of links you may need to overtake them in organic search engine results. How does a backlink checker find all the links? Generally, each backlink checker is powered by a huge database.

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